Aratinga pertinax


As recently as 10 year ago, visitors to Aruba could delight at seeing flocks of native, wild parakeets roaming the countryside, sometimes coming near some of the resorts that maintain native vegetation. Unfortunately, this bird has experience steep declines in recent years, apparently due to introduced boas. Although efforts are underway to eradicate the snake, such a task is proving difficult.

To try and locate Brown-throated Parakeets, listen to their loud, raucous shrieks. The birds may appear green at first glimpse, but a closer view will reveal the beautiful bluish colors in the wings, the yellow under the tail, and the yellowish eye ring. Birds from Aruba are described as a distinct subspecies and are drabber than the subspecies from Curaçao and Bonaire, which have brighter yellow on the face and throat.

Watch our short video of the Aruba Brown-throated Parakeet, which includes views of the subtly beautiful blue color.