84 Scientists Submit Letter to Aruba Government Urging Conservation of Tern Islands

December 2016


In December 2016 a letter signed by bird conservation biologists from around the world was submitted to the Government of Aruba urging them to formally protected the globally significant San Nicolas Tern Islands and other already recognized important areas for birds on Aruba. The letter and articles about it appeared in the leading newspapers on Aruba in three languages (Papiamento, Dutch, and English). In response the Prime Minister of Aruba personally called Aruba Birdlife Conservation and promised that his government would formally protect the islands and the other areas in 2017. We will watch for a formal announcement from the Government of Aruba and will continue to press for this promise to be fulfilled.

Here is the letter in English

Here is the letter in Papiamento

Here is the letter in Dutch

Click here to see a Papiamento version of the letter published in one of the leading Aruban newspapers.

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